2014 Tornado Relief Work

MBC partnered with the Southern Baptist Relief Teams of Michigan and Ohio in cleanup work. The 2014 tornado cleared a 6+ mile long path through southern Grand Rapids. It was an exciting privilege to provided practical help to people in need. We helped remove trees and fallen branches from the roofs of homes. We moved small mountains of tree trunks, limbs and brush out of yards. Home owner’s insurance policies don’t usually cover that scope of work; and many people can’t afford to pay contractors for such services. The greatest aspect about this work was connecting with people in the neighborhoods. Bible’s were passed out, people were prayed for and the gospel message was delivered everywhere we went. A number of people received the forgiveness from sin that only Jesus Christ can provide leading unto eternal life. Nature might have destroyed decades-old trees and damaged property but that’s temporal; sharing the gospel has had an eternal result to all who believed and received its message of truth. Praise the Lord!

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