The MBC ministry section provides information for our various existing ministries. Each menu link includes a general ministry description along with dates, times and location. Some menu links provide additional information such as: current study series, event calendar, prayer request form, upcoming special events and volunteer schedules. You will want to check these regularly for continually updated information.

Note: MBC offers various traditional ministries to individuals and families through general worship service assemblies, Sunday School classes and Wednesday evening programs. These ministries, along with regular Scripture reading and prayer, are essential for the personal growth of the individual, the family and the church as a whole. We also offer targeted ministries designed to meet the needs of specific demographic groups. Such targeted ministries enhance spiritual growth for men, women or specific age groups who benefit from tailored resources and fellowship. We continue to refine our existing ministries and seek new avenues by which to help our members strengthen their relationship with God and deepen their love for one another.