Who We Are

Moline Baptist Church (MBC) is a fundamental, longstanding, multi-generational church that seeks to glorify God. Our Sunday morning worship has a relaxed atmosphere, yet focused on God. The worship music is a blend of hymns and choruses that seek to praise God, not the worshiper. Our people dress in everything from suits and dresses to jeans and T’s. We believe God desires clean, modest attire but he is more pleased with the condition and motivation of our hearts towards honoring him and loving others. We love God, we love one another and we anxiously seek to welcome visitors into our church family.

Our Mission

Moline Baptist Church (MBC) is an assembly of Christians who glorify God by:

– Worshiping God in spirit and truth
– Christ centered ministries that preach and teach God’s holy Word according to original meaning with contemporary application
– Seeking continual spiritual growth through reading Scripture, prayer and our various Christian fellowship assemblies
– Living out the confession of our hope in Jesus Christ in our assemblies and our daily lives
– Building and strengthening relationships across all divides of age, status or position
– Providing opportunities for spiritual growth through volunteering in or leading various ministries
– Helping the needy in our church and community
– Compassionately leading the unsaved and unchurched back into a righteous relationship with God
– Evangelizing through giving to, or working in, local, national and international missions


Our Values

Christ Centered

– We boldly and compassionately present Jesus Christ as the only way to eternal life.
– We love Him, worship Him and strive to know Him better each day and to make Him known to the people God places in our lives.

Holy Spirit Led

– We place a priority on prayer and listening to God because He guides us moment by moment.
– We love serving because the Holy Spirit empowers us and gifts us for ministry.
– We are openly excited about God and His ability to move immediately and powerfully.

Bible Believing

– We use the Bible as our foundation and guide for all of our teaching and preaching. I is our perfect and final authority for identifying truth and error.
– We personally strive to know God’s Word by reading it daily and practicing it in our lives.

People Focused

– We know God placed MBC in Moline and us in our neighborhoods to actively bring people to Jesus.
– We compassionately care for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the people around us.
– We work to disciple believers to the place where they can disciple others.

Missions Minded

– We strive to send evangelical missionaries to share the gospel across our state, nation and worldwide and meet various needs.
– We find old and new ways to challenge our own members to hear God’s call to the mission field.

Family Oriented

– We see great value in having multiple generations worshiping, serving and growing together in unity at MBC.
– We strive to overcome isolation and separation by building personal relationship where God’s truth and love can be passed from life to life.


Our Goals & Direction

– Growth through prayer
– Growth through disciplship
– Growth through evangelizing