I.  Annual Business Meeting

The Annual (4th Quarter) Meeting shall be held at the call of the Pastor and the Church Board on a convenient day in the month of January, at which time all of the year end ministry reports & financial reports will be reviewed. Officers elected at the 3rd Quarter Meeting will begin their terms following this meeting. In the event the church does not have a Pastor, the Church Board shall call the meeting.

II. Covenant and Business Meeting
The Covenant and Business meeting shall be held at the call of the Pastor & the Church Board at a convenient time after each quarter is finished, but must be prior to the 30th of any month following the end of the quarter.  NOTE: The Communion Service may be held on the same Wednesday night or on Sunday.

III. Amendments
This Constitution and these By-Laws may be altered, amended, or repealed at any regular meeting of the Church. Two week’s notice of the proposed change must be given in writing at any regular church meeting, and shall require two-thirds vote of two-thirds of members entitled to vote thereon.

IV. Control by Other Corporations
This corporation shall not be controlled by any other corporation, except and entirely in an advisory manner.

V.  Church Work
All the activities of the church, whether conducted through societies, committees or otherwise, are a part of the single church organization, and the Pastor and Elders shall have general oversight over all of them (Ac 20:28).

VI. Right to Vote
The right to vote upon church affairs is limited to members of the church in good standing, 18 years of age and over. However, this right may be denied to those who have, for six month prior thereto, failed or neglected to communicate regularly with the church or participated in its activities.

VII. Rules of Order
All business of the church shall be conducted in accordance with “Robert’s Rules of Order.”

VIII. Construction
When any question of dispute arises in any branch of the church work or regarding these By-Laws, the same shall be settled by the majority action of the Church, or be by them referred to the Church membership for decision.

IX. Sale of Property
The sale, mortgaging, leasing, pledging, or encumbering of any part or all of the Church property shall first be authorized by a three-fifth’s vote of the Church membership present at any regular church meeting. When so authorized, such business shall be duly executed and carried into effect by the Chairman and Secretary of the Board of Deacons for, and on behalf of, the Church. Two weeks written notice shall also be necessary.

X.  Offerings
This church is supported by voluntary contributions only, yet the poor are as welcome as the rich. No one is obliged to pledge, only as the Scriptures enjoin (II Co. 9:6-8; I Co. 16:2).

XI. Holding Office
No one shall hold office over three years in succession, and at least one year shall elapse before they can be re-elected to any church office, with the exception of salaried officers.

XII. Board Meetings
Three absences during the year, or two consecutive absences from any regular monthly Board meeting without an excuse acceptable to that Board, shall remove offending person from office.

XIII. Petitions
No one shall circulate a petition in the church without having submitted it to the Elder Board and received their permission.

XIV. Joint Board Meetings
The Pastor shall preside at the meeting of the Joint Board of Elders and Deacons, who along with the Sunday School Superintendent, and Clerk make up the official Board, the Clerk shall keep the minutes of the Joint Board.

XV. Quorum
At any legally called Congregational Meeting, one-fifth of the active membership of any given year shall constitute a quorum.

XVI. Dissolution
In the event of dissolution, all assets, real and personal shall be distributed to such organizations as are qualified as tax exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code or the corresponding provisions of future United States Internal Revenue Law and in agreement with Article II Sections 1 and 2 of the Constitution of Moline Baptist Church.