MBC History

Moline Baptist Church (MBC) has existed for more than a century and a half! It was originally established in August, 1857 as the First Congregational Church of Dorr, MI. Over rising doctrinal issues in the Federal Council of Churches, of which the Congregational Churches were a part, the church voted to withdraw and officially reorganize in June, 1954 as Moline Baptist Church.

For more than 150 years the same basic doctrinal statement, made at the establishment of this church, has been maintained up through today. This is a testament to our Lord’s enduring truth and faithfulness. But a church is not a building; it is the people who assemble to confess Jesus as Lord and worship the one living and true God. The people of this church have maintained an unwavering devotion to the holy precepts of God by faithfully professing the hope which they have in Christ and resisting the enticing temptations of this world’s values and philosophies.

The people of Moline Baptist Church are proud of their Christian heritage in their own families and in the history of this church. We have many members who have attended here all their lives – some 40 to 70 plus years. Friends and family relationships crossing generations, status and positions provide a foundational strength that edifies and endures. The families here are always anxious to welcome and incorporate new people into our church family to build upon this strength.

This has always been a very missions oriented church. Reaching into the community and out into the state, nation and world with both physical and spiritual provisions is one of the main focuses of the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ. It is something this church has always endeavored to do and maintain in a significant way.

A complete copy of the church history is available in a small, spiral bound booklet in our church office. It was compiled in 2007 by Stan Veldt, a previous MBC pastor from 1962-1968. MBC recognizes the importance of living our history for future generations upon which to stand, build and continue to move forward. We consider it an immense blessing from God when every person and family comes to call MBC their home church.